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Product description

Cat 329D2/D2L is one special designed excavator, it is able to be used in quarrying, building construction and dealing industrial materials and many other fields. Benefit from its strong power, stable property and durable body, this excavator can meet various works. So the market of this machine is very hot.


Used CAT 329D2 Excavator Specifications.

  • Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000, SGS
  • Operating Weight:30115.0
  • Engine Model:Cat C7.1 ATAAC
  • Size:Middle Crawler excavators
  • Engine Power:158 Kw
  • Bucket Capacity:1.54 m3
  • Export Markets:Global
  • Delivery Detail:within one week after your confirm


Why Cat329D2/D2L excavator is so hot?

1. Oil Saving
CAT 329D2 excavator use CATC7.1 engine, which is environment friendly. With this engine, the oil pump can stay in synch with the engine easily, and this function can be activated in no-load condition. Also, the handy pump is replaced by EPP, the working efficiency of hydraulic system is quite high.
With the optimized filtering system and matched working mode, experienced operators can save 11% oil consumption.
2. Comfortable Cab
The LCD screen can show operator important information directly and it is equipped with alarm light and buzzer, so operators can know every detail immediately. Meanwhile, the cab seat is suspending seat, which can be adjusted flexible; and the operation handles are able to be set according to operator’s habits, which can strengthen the comfort degree.
3. Easy to Maintain
Considering technicians’ requirements, most parts of CAT329D2 can be maintained at the ground, ensuring the maintenance work be finished easily and shortly.

Where we buy the used CAT329D2 excavator?

When we got this used excavator, it is almost new. The original owner expressed that this excavator is easy to use and all properties is really better than many other brands excavators that his friends bought. If something never happen, he would not sell it. Finally, the original owner, Mr. Long, got agreement with us after many communications.

AFTER-SALE service & warm tips

a) We can arrange all for the shipment if you need once we made a deal.
b) We have a very professional team to solve all problems or buy some quick-wear parts for you before loading.
c) All photos and datas of products revealed here is based on truth of machines.
d) All machines are imported by normal way with complete procedures.

Service for your coming

a) We help you book the hotel near our company.
b) When you arrive at the airport, we will pick you up.
c) Of course, we can guide your journey in Shanghai if the time is allows.


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