Which 14-16 ton excavators fit for urban construction


Being out from the Global economic recession, the engineering machine market is recovering now, especially more and more countries start their urban construction. And for the labor salary is rising, a great many projects prefer to use hydraulic excavator. The market is so hot, but which excavators fit for urban construction?
According to our statistics,most of operators deem that 14-16ton excavator is the best choice for urban construction work, what’s more, they are easy to get the investment cost quickly, especially the used excavators. Base on our statistics, the following brands excavators are favored by operators.

1. Kobelco SK140LC-8 crawler track excavator

Engine: Mitsubishi D04FR-KDP2TAAC
Kobelco SK140LC-8 excavator

SK140LC-8 is one 14ton middle-scale excavator, it adopts high pressure common rail electronically control engine, as a result, the fuel utilization efficiency is obvious higher than direct-injection engine. And with the D04FR-KDP2TAAC, the power can reach 74KW, well meet urban construction work under low fuel consumption.
Meanwhile, this machine is strengthened its main frame and offer operators a large cab, so operators won’t feel work in one confined space and it is good for keeping high working efficiency.

2. Volvo EC140BLC Prime crawler track excavator

Engine: Volvo D4D
Volvo EC140BLC Prime crawler track excavator

EC140BLC prime VOLVO excavator belongs 14ton excavator. With low consumption VOLVO D4D turbo engine, it is quite environment friendly. To improve its durability, the manufacturer strengthens the travelling mechanism and use both-sides welding strengthen the mainframe. And the boom and the stick are also strengthened. Meanwhile, this Volvo excavator is equipped with permanent-lubed and permanent-sealed caterpillar chain.
Besides its excellent durability, Volvo EC140BLC excavator also has good maintenance design. Manufacturer offer the machine antiskid platform, operators can operate the machine on ground. For the lubricating points are centered, it’s easy to finish the maintenance work.

3. Komatsu PC160LC-7 hydraulic track excavator

Engine: Komatsu SAA4D102E-2
Komatsu PC160LC-7 hydraulic track excavator

Komatsu excavators usually symbolize high efficiency and energy saving. Compared with PC150, the maximum bucket digging force of PC160LC-7 excavator is raised 8%, the speed is improved 35%, so it fit full-load work better.
With the SAA4D102E-2 engine, the power can reach 82.4Kw(112Ps), the REV is 2200rpm/min, and the fuel utilization rate is very high. Meanwhile, the SAA4D102E-2 completely meet EPA,EU and Japan environment protection level. And operators have four working modes for choice, in this way, the working efficiency is quite high.

Also, there are many other brands that be favored by operators, such as Doosan DX150 LC excavator, HYUNDAI R150LC-9 excavator. Here we just took simples from our community. Besides the excellent quality and application, the investors also expressed that these three brands excavators has another advantage—the used 14-16 ton excavators are very hot in used market.

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