The Updated CAT D2 Series Excavators for Sale


Offering Investors Many More Choices

Cat 323D2 L excavator, Cat 326D2 and Cat 329D2 hydraulic excavator are the updated products of last generation. All of these three models are integrated with CAT’s new technology. These three models inherit many advanced advantages of CAT excavators, such as:

1. It has high working efficiency, reliability performance and durable parts and so on.
2. Being equipped with powerful engine and new generation high efficiency hydraulic system, the oil consumption is obviously lowered and the fuel economic is well improved. What’s more,
3. Strong machine structure extends the service life even if the machines are used in bad environment.
4. Comfortable cab is good for operators keep good status. .
5. Most maintenance work can be finished at ground, which is helpful to cut the running cost.
6. What’s more, CAT D2 excavators offer customers many more choices.

Used Cat 329D2 L for Sale
Used Cat 329D2 L for Sale

The C7.1 Engine

cat c7.1 excavator engine
cat c7.1 excavator engine

All the Cat 323D2 L、Cat 326D2 and Cat 329D2 excavators are equipped with CAT C7.1 engine, which is installed high-pressure common rail fuel injection system and optimized filter system. In this way, these excavators can well adapt some maggy fuel and the filter’s service life is obviously extended. Also, the filtration ability is improved greatly. To help operators reduce the fuel cost, the CAT C7.1 engine use intellectualized design, it will activate the REV automatic control system when excavator is no-load or light-load. Besides the automatic control system, operators can also utilize different working modes in different working conditions. What’s more, CAT C7.1 is very environment friendly, it well meets USEPA VOCs, EU ETS and GB18352.2.

The Hydraulic System

CAT323D2 excavator hydraulic system
CAT323D2 excavator hydraulic system

Cat 323D2 L excavator, Cat 326D2 and Cat 329D2 excavators are equipped with Negative Flow Control hydraulic system and cross-sensitive system. With the two systems, any of the two hydraulic pumps can offer 100% working efficiency. The boom and stick regen-recycle system efficiency reduce pressure-loss, save the oil recycling time and fuel consumption. By installing the buffer at the ends of boom and stick, the service life can be greatly extended. Meanwhile, the hydraulic valves are installed as standard config, the machine is easy to change its application to meet different working conditions.

The Cab

All the three excavators’ cabs are brought ergonomics design, it is easy to operate and the operation is quite comfortable. The LCD screen is enlarged 40%, the resolution is 4 times than common ones and 42 languages are set in the machine, which meet global operators. Besides these designs, the suspended seat can be easy adjusted according to operators’ requirements and Sticky-rubber well reduced the vibration and noise, making the cab much more comfortable.

CAT Intelligent Technology

The Cat 323D2 L excavator, Cat 326D2 and Cat 329D2 excavators are able to use Cat Product Link System, so operators can manage the machine by Vision Link, which can take record the working time, fuel consumption, diagnostic code and working sites, etc. Meanwhile, Vision Link contains various tools, in this way, the agency can easily help operators maintain the excavators, At the same time, these excavators have good safety features with the Cat Detect technology. In fact, the agencies also help operators install Cat Gradient-Control system, which can show the data of fill/excavation immediately. With this system, operators could know their work very well and it is good for them keep good working efficiency.

The Maintenance

Most parts of the three excavators, the Cat 323D2 L excavator, Cat 326D2 and Cat 329D2 excavators are able to be maintained on the ground. The technicians can easily get oil simple from engine, hydraulic system and cooling device regularly, it is good for excavator maintenance work.

The Conclusion

In recent 90 years, CAT Company developed a great many excellent products, such as CAT mini excavators, CAT track excavators, CAT wheel loaders and CAT dozers, etc. These products help many countries finish various infrastructure construction projects, energy projects and natural resources development projects, etc. And their good performance win high reputation from operators. Benefit from CAT advanced technology, the updated CAT D2 series excavators has been widely used. Both the fresh excavators and the used CAT D2 excavators are sold very well.

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