What are the Differences of Dozer and Loader?


Yesterday, when my nephew and I walked along road, he suddenly asked me, “Uncle, is it one dozer or a loader?” He did bring one question to me. Being in the engineering machine industry for ten years, I had never thought about the question. When I was on office, I asked many colleagues, some of them are also puzzled by this question. So what are the differences of dozer and loader?

1. The Dozer

crawler track bulldozer
Dozer is a kind of engineering machine, it is equipped with one huge bulldozer-blade in the front of the machine body. When it starts to work, the dozer-blade lay down and push the soil, sand and blocks forward.
Crawler dozer is developed by Benjamin Holt, the originator of Caterpillar Inc., in 1904. With the development of modern technology, it has formed two types dozers, track-type tractor and wheel-type bulldozer. And now the world famous dozers are Caterpillar dozer, Komatsu dozer and Liebheer dozer, the three brands are the most advance manufactures in crawler track dozer industry. Besides these three brands, John Deere bulldozer, New Holland bulldozer and many Chinese brands are also very popular in the global market.

The Traveling Methods
Bulldozers are designed two traveling methods, crawler track bulldozers and wheel dozers. The former one are the most common dozers, they have huge Adhesion traction and low ground bearing, it is about 0.04-0.13MPa. And these series bulldozers have excellent performance in climbing. But it is short in traveling speed. The wheel bulldozers are good at traveling, it is quite flexible and easy to transport, especially fit for condition that the working sites are quite dispersive.

2. The Loader

wheel loader
Loader is widely used in highway, railway, building construction, water and electricity, port and mining and some other industries. These machines are mainly suit for scooping soil, sand-aggregates, lime and coal and many other bulk material; also, it could be used to lightly dig minerals and hard soil. When loaders are equipped with different attachments, loaders can also be used to push soil, lift material and grab wood, etc. Benefit from its high working efficiency, flexibility, mobility and fast traveling speed, loaders has been the indispensable engineering machine in earth-work & stone-work projects.

3. The Difference of Bulldozer and Loader

The obvious difference of bulldozer and loader is the appearance, they have different buckets. Usually, the loader’s bucket is very large and it has big inclination. But the bulldozer’s bucket is small and it’s quite flat.
Also, you can even judge them by the distance of the machine body and the ground. The bulldozers always sit a little closer to the ground and the Loaders are higher up off the ground for their big wheels.

Secondly, although both bulldozer and loader are heavy equipments, they have different applications.
1. A bulldozer is a kind of crawler equipment that often be used in quarrying areas, mine sites, heavy industry factories, military bases, farms, or any other engineering projects. It’s mainly be used to push a large quantity of soil, rubble, sand, and any earth material, particularly moving aside quantities of earth which often dumps at the construction site.
2. A loader is another piece of heavy equipment used in construction sites. Different from the work of a dozer, a loader is mainly used to load materials such as soil, asphalt, rocks, gravel, sand, snow, debris, and many other materials. In this way, these materials are able to be transferred to carrying machineries like trucks, belt conveyor or hoppers.

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