CAT 312D2 GC Excavator’s Price and Features


Caterpillar took CAT 312 D2 GC crawler excavator into market in 2012, at the Bauma China 2012. This small excavator is famous of its low oil-consumption and high working efficiency. In fact, operators do want to get one world-class excavator at low price. Will the CAT 312D2 GC meet their requirements? Let’s learn more about this machine.
According to experts’ introduction, CAT 312D2 GC excavator is the outcome of market segments. CAT excavators usually have high capacity and heavy load, so the power is quite powerful. But the features are useless to 10-20 ton excavators. In fact, few small excavators are used to deal with over-load work, most of them are used in common earth-work projects. Powerful power and excessive-strong structure also bring another problem—high oil consumption. So CAT developed CAT 312D2 GC excavator.

CAT 312D2 GC Engine

Five years ago, it is about 2008, Caterpillar company started to develop CAT 312D2 GC excavator, this developing work was set in Caterpillar R&D center in Japan and the production line is built in Caterpillar(Xuzhou) company, Jiangsu province in China. This small excavator adopts the mature technology of CAT 313D excavator and 3054C engine, which has been down the power to reduce the oil consumption.
CAT 312D2 GC excavator’s engine is four cylinders, the displacement is 4.4L and the power is 56Kw, 12Kw lower than C4.2 engine. What’s more this engine utilizes mechanical governor and direct fuel injection system, which well improved the durability and make the engine easy to maintain.
Meanwhile, CAT 312D2 GC excavator’s filtration system is quite different; it integrates strainer, oil-water separator and fine-filter as a whole, obviously improving the performance. So do the safety.

CAT 312D2 GC Excavator Performance

CAT312D2GC Excavator

Although the engine is small, CAT 312D2 GC excavator is still powerful. According to operators’ feedback, this excavator is quite flexible, travel fast and excellent harmony and working efficiency.
How could CAT 312D2 GC excavator be favored by so many operators? In fact, the working mode is similar with economic mode of CAT 313D excavator; but it is enough to deal with common earth work.
Besides the mode, there are two factors that ensure its good performance. One is the operating weight。Because most working condition are simple, the strength of structure is lowed, it is about 12.5ton, 0.93 tons less than CAT 313D excavator. Another one is the optimized hydraulic system. The equipped hydraulic system fit engine better, in this way, pipe pressure is reduced and the power can be cut down.


We can see that CAT 312D2 GC fit common earth work very well, high working efficiency but low oil consumption. Actually, it fit for parts of overload work-condition.
As to every detail of this excavator, the workmanship is exquisite, including the filter, the cab comfortable, the maintenance and the safety-work. Operators expressed that the version is very well and they are satisfied with the display screen, the handle, button layout, the seat and the safety lock.
According to the introduction, CAT 312D2 GC excavator utilize unequal-support roller but Guardrail device. This design has better application of complex condition than guardrail device. Considering many operators may use hydraulic hammer or some other excavator attachments, this excavator also be reserved at least one port.

Track Support Rollers
CAT track support rollers

With so many advantages, 12 ton CAT 312D2 GC excavator does be the ideal 10-20 ton excavator to earth-work projects.

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