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  • What are the Differences of Dozer and Loader?


    Yesterday, when my nephew and I walked along road, he suddenly asked me, “Uncle, is it one dozer or a loader?” He did bring one question to me. Being in the engineering machine industry for ten years, I had never thought about the question. When I was on office, I asked many colleagues, some of […]

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    wheel loader
  • Which 14-16 ton excavators fit for urban construction


    Being out from the Global economic recession, the engineering machine market is recovering now, especially more and more countries start their urban construction. And for the labor salary is rising, a great many projects prefer to use hydraulic excavator. The market is so hot, but which excavators fit for urban construction? According to our statistics,most […]

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    Komatsu PC160LC-7 hydraulic track excavator
  • The Updated CAT D2 Series Excavators for Sale


    Offering Investors Many More Choices Cat 323D2 L excavator, Cat 326D2 and Cat 329D2 hydraulic excavator are the updated products of last generation. All of these three models are integrated with CAT’s new technology. These three models inherit many advanced advantages of CAT excavators, such as: 1. It has high working efficiency, reliability performance and […]

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    Used Cat 329D2 L for Sale
  • Why CAT 320D Excavators Are So Popular


    CAT 320D excavator is the classic excavator in this field and its excellent performance has been well proven by many years (since 2006) practical work. Benefit from its good property–sturdy, durable, wide application, high working efficiency, low failure rate, it gets high reputation from operators and the sales is very good. To know CAT 320D […]

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  • CAT 312D2 GC Excavator’s Price and Features


    Caterpillar took CAT 312 D2 GC crawler excavator into market in 2012, at the Bauma China 2012. This small excavator is famous of its low oil-consumption and high working efficiency. In fact, operators do want to get one world-class excavator at low price. Will the CAT 312D2 GC meet their requirements? Let’s learn more about […]

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    CAT312D2GC Excavator
  • How to Purchase Used 12-14 Ton Crawler Excavators


    With the development of urbanization, construction of water conservancy works and agricultural mechanization, more and more projects need small and medium-sized crawler excavator finish the work, so these excavators are quite popular currently. How to choose one 12-14 ton used/new crawler excavator? We list many hot brands for your reference. 1.12 Ton Used Hitachi ZX120 […]

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  • Which 5-10 Ton Mini Excavators Fit for You


    Because many investors are freshmen in investing mini excavators, most of them are very confused with the excavator brands. They have no idea of the brand and the mini excavator price. To help them know excavators better, we took one record. Here we list four purchase reports of four brands 5-10 Ton mini excavator, and […]

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    Komatsu PC60-8B Excavator
  • The Kinds of Excavator Attachments and its Application


    According to excavators’ working method, it can be sorted to crowd shovel and backacting shovel, and the backacting shovel is the most common one. Usually, backacting shovel buckets contain many types as follows, excavator earthwork-buckets, excavator stonework-buckets, excavator rippers, ditch buckets, grid buckets, excavator clamshell buckets, cleanup buckets and excavator grapples. Here we would like […]

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    excavator buckets
  • 5000 Hours Operating Experience by Using Used Komatsu PC200-8 Excavator


    Recently, we often receive emails from customers inquiring about the used Komatsu PC200-8 Excavator, so we compiled 5000 hours  used PC200-8 excavator practical usage reports for our customers’ reference. We have clarified the advantages and disadvantages of used Komatsu PC200 excavator, to help our clients choosing the most suitable model.   Used Komatsu PC200 Excavator […]

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    used pc200-8 komatsu excavator
  • Differences of Used Cat 320D GC and 320D Excavator


    Caterpillar 320D GC excavator is officially launched in 2010. Because this model is designed for small scale “earthworks”, it is equipped with one 0.9 cubic meters bucket, the standard config, Compared with Caterpillar (CAT) 320D excavator, it has the following advantages: Firstly, for it suits for small scale projects and the config is not as […]

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    used 320d gc excavator
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